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Info on the Divine Mercy Sunday plenary indulgence is at:

Info on opportunities available everyday:

UPDATE:   As of April 2023, Pope Francis has not announced an end to the simplest plenary indulgence opportunity that was announced when the pandemic began in 2020 to greatly help souls of the greatly increased number of people that die daily.  (On a side note, Coronavirus will cease to be a “pandemic” when the World Health Organization (WHO) drops the designation.  As of April 2023, they haven't dropped this designation.)

Although there are many ways people can get plenary indulgences, here's the simplest way:


It is available to all Catholics who pray for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic.  The primary act necessary is either praying a rosary or the easy option of tuning into broadcasted/streamed Mass. 

The other conditions are really easy.  You say the Apostles creed, one Our Father and perhaps one Hail Mary, which takes very little time.  People should pray for the pope’s intentions which in November is for people who suffer from depression. 

If you are able to go to Mass and receive Communion that is typically always required for plenary indulgences.  If can’t go to Communion due to fear of the pandemic, say the short spiritual communion prayer which is posted online at: catholicism/devotions/act-of- spiritual-communion-339 

Lastly, going to Confession within 20 days is typically always required of each attempt you make to get a plenary indulgence.  If you don't feel comfortable leaving home due to the pandemic, just plan on going to Confession as soon as you are able to.  Be sorry for anything you did that was sinful in the past or present.  A list of local Confession times at churches is on our website at

You can tell God in prayer whether you want it to either shorten your own future purgatory time or whether you have someone who has already passed away that you’d like to shorten purgatory time of.  One person may need several of our attempts to get them a plenary indulgence to get them through purgatory because of people’s attachment to sin.  Each day you could earn a plenary indulgence (meaning if you did it everyday for a week you could earn 7 indulgences).

This amazing opportunity continues for as long as the Coronavirus pandemic continues throughout the world.  We’ll remove this page when we hear that this indulgence opportunity ends. 

Mass is broadcast here on both Catholic Spirit Radio and EWTN TV at 7AM everyday.  Our website also lists local daily Masses you can attend in person or stream online:     or weekend Mass at  

EWTN provides info at their website:

Also, further info is in an article by the Catholic News Agency which is owned by EWTN.

Catechism 1032:  “From the beginning the Church has honored the memory of the dead and offered prayers in suffrage for them, above all the Eucharistic sacrifice, so that, thus purified, they may attain the beatific vision of God. The Church also commends almsgiving, indulgences, and works of penance undertaken on behalf of the dead."

Additional related church teachings are in Catechism paragraphs:  1471, 1498, 1479


The pope has offered a rare exception to the usual format of Confession called "general absolution" for people affected by Coronavirus.  Examples include when someone is near death especially if a priest is not allowed to enter a hospital due to Coronavirus restrictions.  The National Catholic Register is also owned by EWTN and they have an article explaining the details about this: news/vatican/vatican-makes- clear-general-absolution- allowed-during-coronavirus- contagion

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