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The wonderful late Father Andrew Apostoli reminded listeners on Sunday Night Prime a few years ago that priests and deacons can give blessings  to listeners through either radio or television.  The blessing holds significantly higher value if it’s a LIVE program. 

Make sure you are listening to as much of the program as possible, especially the Mass so that you don't miss the blessing.  The blessing usually occurs in the final 10 minutes of programs, but the exact time of the blessing during Mass may vary depending on the length of the Mass.  The blessing only takes a few seconds.   As usual, just do the sign of the cross at the end after he finishes the blessing. 

Here’s some programs heard on Catholic Spirit Radio that give blessings.

6AM Monday-Friday: Morning Glory

7:30AM on weekdays and 7AM on weekends: Daily Mass

2PM Monday thru Thursday: Open Line

7PM WednesdayEWTN LIVE

For info on how to receive a much bigger grace, a  Plenary indulgence, that shortens purgatory time:

We posted the prayer for spiritual communion.  You can recite it as often as you want.  Similar to eating the Holy Eucharist, this spiritual communion prayer strengthens us.

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