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The Catholic Spirit Radio Network
Traditional Catholic Teaching

We strive to reflect this in our programming.  Using Mother Angelica's example, we will not air programming that does not follow the long held orthodox teachings of the Church.

Meet the Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is Catholic Radio different from other religious stations?

A: Catholic Radio focuses solely on Catholic teachings endorsed by the Church. Unlike other stations which may feature
diverse denominations and music, Catholic Spirit Radio's programming mainly consists of
talk shows and prayer opportunities. We invite all listeners, regardless of their faith,
to explore the beauty, truth, and goodness of Catholicism.


Q: Do the stations operate 24/7?

A: Yes, the Catholic Spirit Radio Network broadcasts continuously around the clock.  Our programs educate, entertain, and inspire.

We can be accessed on our FM radio frequencies, our website, and our app.

Q: How is the Catholic Spirit Radio Network connected to EWTN (Eternal World Television Network)?

A: When Mother Angelica built EWTN, she generously allowed radio stations to carry much of the same programming.  Jon Hall (Spirit's founder) felt compelled by Mother's  invitation to build Catholic radio and  so Catholic Spirit Radio became an EWTN affiliate in 2011 when it began broadcasting.  While the majority of the programs come from EWTN,  Jon has chosen additional programs to enhance the programming further. Those programs come from the following radio networks: Ave Maria, Virgin Most Powerful , Guadalupe,  and The Station of the Cross . Additionally,  5 local programs are produced and included in the schedule. The full schedule is available on our website.

Q: What ages listen to Catholic Spirit Radio?

A: There is a wide range of ages listening, from grade-schoolers to super seniors.
After listening for awhile, everyone finds their favorite programs.

Q: Are news programs broadcasted?

A: Yes, we incorporate current news segments into many programs, such as "Son Rise Morning Show" and "Catholic Connection,"

along with EWTN's "News Nightly" and "The World Over-Live."

Q: Will I learn more about Catholicism?
A:  The variety of programs and hosts provide insights into the Catholic Faith, the Church's teaching, and Catholic traditions.
In addition, there are numerous programs where listeners are encouraged to call in with their questions and concerns
so that the host can offer direction and insights for understanding, inspiration, and guidance .


Q: Are there plans for expansion?

A: Yes, we've steadily expanded our reach since 2011, now serving one million potential listeners across various regions.
We continue seeking opportunities to grow and evangelize.

Q: Is there financial support from the local Catholic Churches or Dioceses?

A:. While these entities endorse our mission, financial support comes from listeners, businesses, and organizations 
who recognize the importance of Catholic Radio in their communities.


Q: How can I support Catholic Spirit Radio?

A: You can help by spreading the word, praying for our success, and making financial contributions.
Businesses can also support us through sponsorship opportunities.


For more questions or information, contact us at or (309) 807-2427.

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