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Being Catholic
with Bob and Lynn Johnston
Saturday 2PM  &  10PM and
Sunday 4PM  &  11PM

    Bob Johnston, retired, had an early career in teaching literature and speech in high school. He later partnered in an independent insurance agency.  Bob enjoys history and Catholic-Christian theology and apologetics.    


     Lynn Johnston, his wife, also retired, had a career as a nurse.  She is a member of the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS). Lynn enjoys history, reading, and understanding the more spiritual side of her Catholic faith.

    The Johnstons have three daughters and have been married for over 60 years.  Together they taught RCIA for ten years and now enjoy sharing the knowledge and passion of their faith through their weekly radio program, Being Catholic. 

Catholic Conversations
with Paul Garcia
Saturdays & Sundays 3PM

     Paul Garcia is the owner of Paul Garcia Productions, a video production company and digital media network out of Normal, Illinois. He creates television, radio, and social media commercials for companies throughout the state while also hosting The Paul Garcia Show which is a podcast and online show featuring conversations with "remarkable people from the midwest." 

    He has a deep interest in Psychology and the nature of God, plus has a passion for learning and having meaningful conversations, all of which have led to his role in being one of multiple rotating hosts of the radio show, Catholic Conversations.

Good News!
with Deacon Al
Saturday & Sunday at 8PM


    Deacon Al Lundy was born in Waukegan, Illinois and grew up in Calumet City, Illinois, just South of Chicago on the Illinois-Indiana State line.  He is the second oldest of 5 boys. He attended Illinois State University where he studied Mass Media. His wonderful wife, Sharon, (they met in high school) and he will celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary in July of 2022.  Sharon has been involved in the music ministry at Holy Trinity for over 30 years. They have a son, Thomas, who is married to the lovely Kayla and lives in Nevada.

   Prior to being ordained to the permanent diaconate in May of 2017, he worked in a variety of jobs in media, marketing, retail sales, and leadership training. He also spent 49 years in the Boy Scouts of America program as a youth and as an adult volunteer leader.

   Like other deacons Deacon Al is involved in a variety of ministries serving parishes and communities.

   He says, "God has been very gracious to allow me to serve His church and the people of our community in so many ways."

Truth, Culture, Life

with Royce Hood & friends

Saturday: 6PM   Sunday: 9AM & 5PM

    Royce Hood can be heard on Catholic Spirit Radio on his syndicated weekly show, Truth, Culture, Life is on Catholic Spirit Radio.


      He is a husband and father who is passionate about his faith and conservative values.  He is the host and producer of the weekly show Truth, Culture, Life.  His very first appearance on our station came when he was a guest on "Life on the Rock."  Using his experience as a public speaker and attorney, Royce guides the conversations to keep the program informative and entertaining.  Royce also produces and releases music through his social media channels. You may have heard, Fulton's Song, which uses the heartbeat of his son throughout the song.  You can listen to his music or download his songs from his website listed at the end of his bio.  Also a strategic advisor, Royce works with numerous national nonprofit organizations.  He is also the founder of the Law of Life Summit which meets regularly to build a culture of life by uniting law and media.  Learn more at  

Letter to Artists

with Bailey Garland

Sunday 9PM

        Bailey Garland graduated from Illinois State University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Acting.  Bailey re-encountered Christ from the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary who served at the St. John Paul II Newman Center on campus. Enflamed by the love of Christ and a growing devotion to St. Pope John Paul the II, Bailey began to use her creative gifts to spread the love of Jesus. Inspired by the former pope, she discovered a deep love for new evangelization, leading her to JPCatholic University to pursue a second bachelor's degree in Communications Media.  With a love for Christ combined with a background in theatre, voice acting, and public speaking, Bailey decided to accept the position as host for the JPCatholic podcast, Letter to Artists.  She hopes that anyone who listens deepens their personal relationship with Jesus and uses their gifts to impact culture for Christ.   St. John Paul the II, pray for us!

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