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Mass can be heard every odd numbered hour from 7AM through 9PM on Radio Essentials stream:

It airs on EWTN TV live @ 7AM & replays @ 11AM, 6PM & 11PM Central Time.  More info on ways to stream our station is:

Here is a list of info for going to local churches as well as their online streaming info:

Mass times for local weekend Masses:

Mass times for local church daily Masses:

Confession times at local churches:

Eucharist Adoration times at local churches:

In addition to Bloomington, Pontiac and Lincoln, we also know that many of our listeners live in various other towns nearby.  Our lists mentioned above includes all Catholic churches in McLean, Livingston, Logan, DeWitt, Woodford, Ford and even northwestern portion of Champaign County and southern LaSalle County.  We will continually keep our list updated. 


Church teaching:

COMMANDMENT #3:  Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work; but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work.

CATHOLIC CATECHISM paragraph #2180: The precept of the Church specifies the law of the Lord more precisely: "On Sundays and other holy days of obligation the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass...either  on the holy day or on the evening of the preceding day."

Bishop Daniel Jenky of the Peoria Diocese said, "I know that in the future we will much more appreciate and never again take for granted the great gift of our parish communities."

Regarding the recording of Masses that are not open to the public, here's an article related to the online Masses priests are recording for people to watch from home.  It's titled "Why have Mass with no one there?":

Many local priests are recording and broadcasting non-public Masses on the internet for people to view.  We are providing info about local churches that offer weekend and/or daily Mass you can watch online.  Here is a schedule of churches that are re recording and broadcasting Masses on the internet for people to view.  We also list which Masses are now open to the public.  The list is at: