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Here are the titles of articles about the Coronavirus and the website link you can read the article.  We specifically included only the articles with an uplifting peaceful outlook.  The Catholic News Agency is owned by EWTN.  All of the most recent articles are in bold and are at the top.  The url link is in underlined purple font under the title.

*Note: Some website url links are so long the entire link is on more than 1 line of this page.

Only frequent church attendees avoided downward mental health trend in 2020

Be like Mother Teresa during the coronavirus crisis, urges Pope Francis

Advent at Home: How Catholics are preparing for a season of joy - even in 2020

Pope Francis hails Argentina’s doctors and nurses as ‘unsung heroes’ of pandemic

Why in-person worship matters

Know some excellent parishes of the pandemic? There's an award for that

Will Catholics return to Mass after the pandemic? Many want to go more often


Bishop Burbidge: The pandemic is our ‘Pentecost moment’

Full text: Cardinal Sarah - 'Let us return to the Eucharist with joy'


Pope Francis: Promote the common good to heal wounds of coronavirus crisis

Dealing with grief in a time of coronavirus


Pope Francis calls for solidarity at first audience with pilgrims after lockdown


Vatican dicastery joins call for ‘interreligious solidarity’ amid pandemic

Evidence shows Mass is safe when guidelines are followed, doctors say

Vatican publishes book of Pope Francis' pandemic homilies

Coronavirus, mental health, and the spiritual life: A priest psychologist offers tips from St. Ignatius

Pope Francis makes donation to World Food Programme as pandemic causes rising hunger


Pope Francis warns Catholics that individualism is 'illusory'

In trying times, how can Catholics stay hopeful?


Catholic priest, psychologist offer advice for stressful times

Pope Francis asks Mary to intercede for end to pandemic during rosary with world’s shrines


In letter, Pope Francis asks for prayers for mothers facing the post-pandemic world


Archbishop Hebda: Catholics ‘depend on the Eucharist,’ and Masses will resume



Survey: Religious Americans say coronavirus crisis has strengthened their faith


'We entrust to her all our fears': US Bishops reconsecrate country to Mary


Bishops will 'consecrate' the US and Canada to Mary. Here's what that means


Catholic university stages a 'digital play' amid quarantine


‘Where is God right now?’ How imagination can aid our faith in quarantine


Why you should remember the missions when you miss the sacraments


Pope prays for those caring for disabled patients amid pandemic


Archbishop Gomez: In providence, coronavirus is a call to depend on God


Pope Francis’ Easter blessing: May Christ dispel the darkness of our suffering humanity


Cardinal Pell’s Easter message: ‘We can redeem our suffering by joining it to His’


On Holy Thursday, Pope Francis recalls priests dying amid pandemic


Pope Francis during coronavirus: Beware the 'poison' of laziness, complaining


Pope Francis urges people not to 'yield to fear'


COVID-19: The Pope’s closeness to those who are suffering


Pope Francis Says the Coronavirus Is ‘Testing Our Whole Human Family’


Ponder Christ’s Passion amid the coronavirus crisis, pope urges


Pope Francis on Palm Sunday: Let us stand before the crucifix in our homes


Vatican Major Penitentiary: Mercy does not cease amid coronavirus


Recovering from coronavirus, Archbishop Aymond says ‘become part of the story’ in Holy Week


'In the risen Jesus, life conquered death,' Pope Francis says in Holy Week video


Be like Mother Teresa during the coronavirus crisis, urges Pope Francis


Majority of Americans praying for end to coronavirus, survey finds


How college students can spend their time during the coronavirus


Pope Francis prays for those who weep from coronavirus loneliness or loss


EWTN’s Warsaw: Network can be a ‘lifeline’ during pandemic


Can't go to confession during coronavirus? Consider an 'act of perfect contrition'


Pope Francis prays for coronavirus fears


Pope Francis: The Church’s pro-life message is more relevant than ever

Cardinal Burke urges 'necessity' of prayer during coronavirus pandemic


Pope Francis prays for people facing economic hardship due to coronavirus


Pope Francis offers this spiritual communion prayer during coronavirus pandemic


How to stay quarantined, stay married, and keep your friends


Pope Francis encourages small acts of love during coronavirus quarantine


Pope Francis: Be strong in faith amid coronavirus trial

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