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Best wishes to all of you.  We hope that you have experienced God's love for you.  Everything happens for a reason. Many EWTN hosts and local priests have suggested that the pandemic has led to a greater degree of communication between families and friends (in person or via technology) and an increased caring for the well-being of one another (even strangers).  To paraphrase an episode of Father Spitzer’s Universe, don’t doubt God’s presence.  Lots of people's bodies successfully heal and recover from the Coronavirus (Covid-19).  God deserves credit.  It's not simply their age or medical background or medical science alone that helps them recover.  Things aren't as bad as they could have been without God's help and without us praying for help.


We encourage you to listen to Catholic Spirit Radio to find peace especially this unusual year.

Also, to aid your faith during social distance & quarantine, our website features these pages:

The links are underlined in bold purple font.

Catholics are welcome to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in particularMore info is at

Prayers to recite for an end to Coronavirus:

Podcasts on faith during quarantine:

Uplifting articles about these issues:


Info about a special easy-to-get Plenary indulgence that helps those suffering in purgatory or your own future purgatory time:

Tune into EWTN Mass

Info on streaming or attending Central Illinois Mass:

Community Calendar: Catholic online events:

Creative writings related to quarantine time:

Info about receiving priestly blessings on radio:



Some external websites have tips for Faith during this unusual time:

Live Eucharist Adoration: Scroll down. The bottom 2 videos stream 24hrs:

Additional resources & answers on hope and faith as we struggle to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic: The website below is by Catholic Answers Media Ministry. Their radio program airs weekdays 5-7PM.


Many tips for Catholics dealing with this unusual time are at a Catholic organization’s site:


The Diocese of Peoria posts updates and ministry resources regarding Coronavirus.  This website also features a warning people should keep in mind before they walk into a church at:

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